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The KUNLUN®  System is named after the Kunlun mountains of China, which reflect the spirituality and philosophies of the system.  It instills within the practitioner processes for self-awakening, self-healing, and self-knowing.

The KUNLUN System, utilizes a unique magnetic field that prepares and protects the body from an overt or long standing increase in chi (bio-etheric energy).   The chi practice taught in this method is designed for and balanced by the KUNLUN magnetic (heart) field generated in this system. or bio-etheric energy.

Once-secret yogic practices that are profound yet simple ways of rapid personal development and “awakening” for the “average” person, without having to subscribe to any dogma, religion, conversion, funny haircuts, special diets, or living in a temple or cave, or withdrawal from society.


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If one could consider the different systems of chi gung (qigong) to be like branches and leaves on a tree,  KUNLUN would be the trunk of the tree.

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